Family Home Evening and Sunday Lessons for Kids: Topics from A to Z

I have been really excited about starting the Church's new home-centered curriculum, which we call "Home-Church" at our house, because I feel it's so important to give our kids a strong foundation in the gospel. We've had two weeks of really good conversations with our kids so far and are actively looking for ways to enrich our lessons. One thing we want to do is invite other families or friends over to have the lesson with us so we can have more viewpoints, more experiences, and more testimonies in our lessons. Another thing we've been using is Trina Boice's Ready Resource for Priesthood and Relief Society. It's so great to have links to materials by topic and study ideas handy when you're getting a lesson ready, especially since our kids are each taking one week a month to prepare the lesson. We can integrate this to supplement the information in our Come Follow Me manual.

Trina Boice has recently published another resource for families. We certainly don't have little kids at our house anymore, but I still found Trina Boice's lessons for family home evenings and Sunday lessons quite helpful. As I read through each topic, a single idea would often spark a modification that would work for my family. I mean, big kids like to have fun learning the gospel, too, right?

Topics such as forgiveness, repentance, and the sacrament emphasize teaching the foundation of Christ's gospel. Each A to Z lesson has suggestions for songs, spiritual quotes, links to conference talks, scriptures, pictures, videos, object lessons, and relevant activities or games, as well as websites and resources for additional preparation. And it's digital with live links, so with thoughtful consideration of which items to use, you can have a customized lesson ready lickity-split.

Family Home Evening and Sunday Lessons for Kids is in ebook only and is free on Amazon if you have Kindle Unlimited.


Misty, thanks for the shout-out and enthusiastic book review!

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