The Captain's Guard (Daughter of Helaman #5)

How do I let these release dates get away from me? The Captain's Guard has been out for a week now and has been doing great. You have all given it a fantastic welcome to the literary world and for that I thank you.

After I finished writing Keturah's story in In All Places, I really wanted to write Zeke a happy ending. I wanted to write a girl who was perfect for him, because he deserved it and I owed it to him. Instead, I wrote this tiny part between Kenai and Isabel that sparked the idea for a whole novel about them, Arrow to His Heart, which I ended up loving and is one of my favorites, but it had to be written first. So after THAT, I had to do right by Zeke. I laughed my head off in the first chapter when Eliza did everything and anything just to get Zeke to LOOK at her. She was so lonely and had such a huge crush on him. She was delightful, more mature than my other characters, and I loved writing about her.

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to pull together a photo shoot for the cover art for the rest of the series. I generally leave my character descriptions somewhat vague so that the reader can imagine them as they like, but I really had something specific in mind for Eliza. I put out a simple notice on Facebook to see if anyone would be interested in modeling. I wasn't sure what kind of response I would get, but I ended up with a fantastic group of beautiful girls, and each new girl I talked to fit a different character. It was totally MTB (meant to be). But as I was saying, my perfect Eliza graciously agreed to model, came out to meet a stranger, and did an amazing job. She may not have known it, but we watched her "become" Eliza right before our eyes. I can't even describe seeing a character I made up come to life, so I won't even try. The feeling is just beyond description. And of course, having the talented Aya Photography on board with the project didn't hurt either.

So, if you haven't had the chance to read The Captain's Guard, here's a little more information about it. If you'd like to give it a try, you can read the first few chapters Here.

“That’s so sad,” I said to Zeke. “To be so in love with a married woman.”
Zeke didn’t say anything.
“I’d say it was pathetic, but I feel so bad for him. Look, he can’t even watch them together.”
I turned to look at Zeke, and all of a sudden, I knew. I knew who she was. I was watching her kiss her husband. I knew her name, and I knew why no one had wanted to tell me what it was.

She had never been loved before. He thought he would never love again.

Zeke never imagined he wouldn’t marry the pretty girl from his village. It was as good as done—until she fell in love with someone else during the war. Captain Helaman’s estate in the city is the perfect refuge, far from pitying eyes and nosy village women. But though time has healed his battle wounds, it hasn’t bound up his broken heart. 

Abandoned and alone in the world, Eliza asked Uncle Helaman to take her in. She has everything she could want at her new home on the grand estate—everything but the attention of Helaman’s handsome guard. When Helaman sends her on a journey with the brooding Ezekiel, she’s determined to find out what makes him so sad, but in her search for the girl who broke Zeke’s heart, Eliza has to find a way to guard her own.

The Captain's Guard (eBook) is available on Amazon, Barnes and, Google Play, and other online retailers at its introductory price of $2.99. Paperback will be available soon.