It's nice to eMeet you.

Since I published my first book in 2011, I've had the chance to meet a lot of new and wonderful people, most of them through online networking. Oh, did you think I meant actually met people met people? I didn't. That would just be ridiculous. Obviously, I meant eMet people. I've eMet a lot of new and wonderful people.

eMeeting is the new meeting. Everybody does it. It's totally normal. It's totally acceptable. It caters to the passive aggressive introvert (which I totally am, which is why I applaud this technology). It doesn't automatically label you a nerd, as it used to in days of yore, to have eMet someone, just a slave to technology.

And what is so wrong with that? I have to pause for a second and say how much I hate people who say or post things, online, about how bad technology is, especially for our kids. Talk about a pet peave a'brewin'. If kids don't have an in depth understanding of computers and their workings and their capacities before they graduate Jr. High school, they will be crippled, absolutely crippled in the world we will be turning them loose in. The new world is not for the physically strong. That is so old fashioned, out of date, obsolete. Being strong and fit and in shape is recreation now, recreation, and don't even try to refute it. And people who recreate too much are lazy. Just saying. I ask you, does this not look like the ultimate in leisure activities? Running to nowhere? Please. You know I'm right.

Now, back to eMeeting you. Sometimes I have heard it put this way, "It's nice to connect with you." I think that works as well, but it also carries a kind of connotation about re-connecting, like we have already met IRL (in real life) and we are just now connecting online. I've also heard it this way, "It's nice to meet you." Ludicrous. We haven't met. We have only eMet. But is it only eMeeting? I really can't say which world will emerge as the more important one.

I'm still deciding whether to coin it eMeeting or e-meeting. Emeeting just doesn't seem right, does it? You were emeeting? Wait, what?

But it's so useful. As people IRL are totally scary, people online are totally approachable, especially when you consider they are at least 47% different than their IRL versions of themselves, and you can put at least 47% less of yourself out there online and still achieve the same or better result. It's so cost effective in terms of personal risk.

eMeeting puts us in touch with others who have similar interests as we have, so we don't have to content ourselves with the uninteresting jokers who so randomly surround us in the physical world.

And now it seems I have become facetious, which incidentally also happens about 47% more easily online. So I will just say to all those who come here to my blog, who Follow me (yes, I will lead you somewhere glorious) or Like me in this strange virtual reality we have created, it is nice to eMeet you. And I mean that in a very real life kind of way.