Monday, September 9, 2013

Fight For You Blog Tour

The blog tour for my new book release,  Fight For You is winding down. Today is the last day, with a stop at Literary Time Out. It's also the last day you can enter to win prizes! Just click on the form below for a chance to win free books or a beautiful Armor of God pendant (featured below). We also have an Amazon giftcard up for grabs and a writing swag pack donated by the awesome Rebecca Lamoreaux.


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Sept. 9
Author Juli Caldwell
Mother/Daughter book review

Sept. 10
Book Blogger Elizabeth at Elizabeth's Book Reviews
Book Review

Sept. 11
Book Blogger Tamera Westoff
Book Review

Sept. 11
Author Shirley Bahlman
Jungle Interview

Sept. 12
Author Rebecca Lamoureaux
Book Review

Sept. 13
Book Blogger Christine at Six Mixed Reviews
Book Review

Sept 13
Book Blogger Kathy at I Am A Reader Not A Writer
Author's Top 10 lists

Sept. 15
Author Roseanne Wilkins
Book Review

Sept. 16
Kristin at the Vocal Sokol
Motivational feature

Sept. 16
Author Cindy Bennett

Sept. 17
Author Diann Read
Guest Post on Divine Nature

Sept. 17
Author Becky H. Jamison
Book Review

Sept. 18
Author Stephanie Worlton
Book Review

Sept. 19
Book Blogger Heather Gardner at Fire and Ice
Book Review

Sept. 20
Author Shannen Camp
Book Review

Sept. 21
Author Anna Del C. Dye

Sept. 24
Book Blogger Andrea at Literary Time Out

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