Thank God I'm a Country Boy

I was just looking at Pinterest and, as usual, it made me feel like a schlub and a screwup. That's why I don't look at Pinterest very much.

But this morning on my way home from work, I had the opposite experience. I was listening to an old John Denver album (had Dave dig it out and put the cd in the car a few days ago--guess I've been in the mood for it lately), and this song comes on that brings up this fantastic memory of a morningside in high school. Some of you will know the one I am talking about. At this particular devotional, there was a musical selection by a group of boys, and they sang several songs, the most memorable being "Thank God I'm a Country Boy," by John Denver. Oh how I remember slowly turning an incredulous look on Kristin and trying  not to laugh too loud. It was a good performance, but it was just so...I won't say inappropriate...just so unexpected and not quite the thing--though I do think the rest of their selections fit the tone of the early morning religious meeting just fine.

I've thought of that performance a lot over the years. And as I've grown up and become more comfortable in my own skin, I realize this song makes a lot more sense when you are satisfied with your life and your self and you know who you are.

As Mormons we don't really say "thank God" for anything. We feel it's kind of disrespectful and irreverent. It's a misuse of His name. It's taking it in vain. I know that I, for one, signed a piece of pink notebook paper as a ten year old in primary, vowing that I would never do so (and I haven't so far btw). Well, we've been trying to teach the kids about swear words. And so this morning I was thinking of having this cd on in the car if my kids happened to be riding with me and how I would explain to them that when John Denver sings this song, it is not taking the Lord's name in vain. To John, it's kind of like a prayer, like he is actually thanking God for the life he was given (and I mean that in the total past tense since John is no longer with us). The reason I know this is because the song gives you a feeling of hope and of love and of acceptance of who you are.

Unlike Pinterest which makes you feel completely inadequate in every way.

So anyway, I thought I'd share a prayer with you today. I hope you like it as much as I did.


Sarah Allen said…
I love John Denver :) We actually share a birthday.

And hello from a fellow LDS author :)

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