I've been in kind of a blogging slump lately. Even now, staring at the white screen, I'm thinking, "Am I suffering writer's block?" And I'm answering, "Maybe, because the new book is not coming along so fast either."

Writing. A little bit of typing, a lot of staring into space. *sigh*

So, here's what I do when I have the block. I post an excerpt. Boring for you, I know, but it usually gets me going. This is from Beyond the West Sea, book 7 in my ongoing Daughter of Helaman series. (And yes, someday I will write something different).

Noah looked at me curiously. “You would do that? You would tie yourself to a man who—“

“Who had a crush on a pretty girl when he was a stripling youth? It was a long time ago.”

He nodded slowly, conceding.

“I am capable and kind, and I accept that he has this limitation. It is not unconquerable.”

“You’re right.”

“You were friends when you were boys. You should acquaint yourself with him again before you go judging him based on a mistake of his youth.”

“You’re right.”

“And I know you liked Keturah, too, and yet you have managed to get over it.”

His brows rose.

“Oh, please. I heard you boys talking. Once or twice.” I hid a small smile as I nuzzled Corianton’s soft hair again.

Okay, fingers, get ready to type! (Please)


Ugh writer's block is the worst! Loving the little excerpts from the book though!