How to write a journal


That's it. Just write.

I'm pretty sure this is different advice than I learned in Sunday school and Young Women's. I'm pretty sure I have a handout glued into an old journal that details the things you should write about.

But, journaling is, and should be, different for everyone, and it can even take on different forms at different times in your life. For instance, I have a bunch of hardbound books that say JOURNAL on the front in gold lettering and are filled with daily entries, dated and signed, with movie stubs, flowers, cards, love notes, programs, etc. stashed between the pages. I also have a plethora of flimsy spiral notebooks filled to the brim with notes, rants, stories, poems, outlines, ideas--front, back, lines, margins. I've heard of people who make a few notes about their daily schedule on a calendar or planner. Others keep an electronic record of events in a word processor. Scrapbooks. Picture journals. Dear diaries with little locks and keys.

Organized. Unorganzied. The trick to journaling is to find what works for you, your personality, lifestyle, level of interest and commitment and just do it.

A sampling of the notebooks I have filled in the last couple of years.

But wait, there are more.

In case you think I'm kidding about filling them up. I'm not.

The additional 8 1/2 x 11s I fold and keep in my purse for spur of the moment inspirations.

And of course I keep them in a Classic Pooh box.
Find your groove and get going. Start a Book of Remembrance. Write about your kids. Make a scrapbook. Put old pictures in an album. Get some of your digitals organized or printed.

Have experience? What do you do?


David P. King said…
I have a notebook of sorts, more of a junk writing book where I split whatever is in my mind. Some really awesome one-liners have come out of those moments. :)