Eric the Fruit Bat

I've never been much of a fruit eater.  To be quite honest, I would have to say that I have spent my life avoiding fruit. That's weird, isn't it?  I mean, if there was a cheesecake, I wanted it drizzled with chocolate, not that yacky jam you find at the bottom of cups of yogurt.

For instance, speaking of yogurt, it wouldn't be unlike me to buy yogurt with "fruit on the bottom" and just eat the yogurt from the top to avoid the whole "premixed" nastiness (still shudders).  In fact, it would be very like me indeed.

And I'm allergic to bananas.  Much easier to just not eat them than have to chase one down with a Benedryl.

And fruit in general is just kind of...depressing.  It goes bad all. the. time.  That's just sad.

But I decided to turn over a new leaf (maybe next time we will talk about green salad), and I have begun to eat more fruit.  And I love it.  I've never really cared for oranges (too juicy) or bananas (see above).  And let's face it, it's easier to grab, well, anything, than to carve up a pineapple (actually, I found that this is not very hard to do after all).  But as it turns out, I love all the berries, melons, and varieties of apples.  I've always been partial to fresh pears (I also like the pear flavored Jelly Bellies, and incidentally, that is the only flavor of Jelly Belly I like), fresh peaches, sweet plums, and grapes.

I have to wonder how many other things I am missing out on because of a preconceived notion.  I'm pretty sure I made up my mind about fruit somewhere in the region of ten years old.  And man, I was an idiot when I was ten years old.  Why am I still relying on decisions I made then?  Why am I still relying on perceptions I had then?  It's just silly is what it is.

This makes me think of that part in Daughter of Helaman when Keturah realizes she's got this bogus view of Kalem.  She made up her mind when she was young to resent him, and then she never bothered to update her opinions as times changed.  I do this too in so many things (and that's probably how it wriggled its way into my story). 

So today I say to you, "Eat some fruit," and of course you know I am not talking about fruit.  (Waving) Have a nice weekend, y'all! (Y'all! I am country!)


Lisa said…
Fresh peaches are the best! I am like that too with many things. I think we all are. Enjoy your fruit!
Russ said…
One of my new favorites is mango(e)s. I would have never tried a mango if it weren't for Bountiful Baskets. Now I look forward to getting them. They are so sweet and juicy. Also, we bought some Citrus Alberta peaches for bottling a few years ago, I ate so many before they got bottled I gave myself a tummy ache, but man was it worth it. I'm glad you've decided to eat more fruit, it really is great. How did I not know you're allergic to bananas?