I did liken all scripture unto us

Last Sunday, I gave a talk in church about my experience writing Daughter of Helaman.  It was such a hard talk to write as it was a difficult subject to talk about without sounding A-vain or B-like a telemarketer.  It was almost as hard to write as the bio in the back of the book (are there people who actually like to talk about themselves?)  Here is an excerpt from that talk.
In our study, it is essential that we “liken all scriptures unto us” (1 Nephi 19:23). Likening is the process by which we allow the scriptures to transform our character. If our object in studying the scriptures is to enable ourselves to answer questions in Church classes, little lasting benefit will result. Being able to quickly find the scriptural answer to a gospel question is an admirable skill. But of greater worth is to consistently apply the scriptures to our lives and steadily become living scripture.
Gary Pocock

One of my favorite stories in the Book of Mormon is when Moroni takes the city of Gid. I actually have kind of a scripture crush on Moroni, so I love all the stories about him. He’s totally fascinating, and if you haven’t read about him lately, you need to get yourself a Book of Mormon and do it. Well, Moroni wants to exchange prisoners with Ammoron, and he demands a Nephite man, his wife, and his children for each one of the Lamanite men that he trades. Ammoron actually agrees to this, but Moroni decides not to do it. It almost seems like his temper gets the better of him, because he’s just spitting mad at Ammoron. So what he does is send one of his men with wine to get the Lamanite guards drunk. Then, in complete silence, he gets weapons in to the prisoners, and he even arms the women and children. (um, light bulb over here)

And always I would think, If all the guards were drunk and sleeping, why didn’t Moroni just open up the gates and let the prisoners out? Why bother arming them and waiting until the Lamanites woke up? Then I would shrug, yawn, and move on.

Well, if you’re reading with the spirit and you’re likening this scripture, you can see that Moroni gave the people the means to save themselves. Who provided us with the way to be saved? We must be willing to do the work necessary to get back to Heavenly Father and He has provided us with the tools to do so.

When the Lamanites woke in the morning and saw they were surrounded by armed Nephites, they surrendered. So not only did Moroni free his people, but they gained the city as well. And you thought he just lost his temper.

Weapons at the ready?  Let's go face Tuesday.