Hat Hair, you Beardo

I know that many of you come here for my words of wisdom and encouragement.  It's alright to admit it.  And I'll admit that I am going to fail you today.

Last night I was thinking about nappy hair because I slept too long and didn't shower before work.  And well, my hair needed to be washed.  I just pulled the old pony-tail trick (the same one I do when my hair is clean) and I thought, "Misty, the next step is wearing a hat."  Then I took a drink and while I swallowed, I thought, "Misty, do not let it get that far."

The thing about letting nappy hair get to the hat step is that once you put the hat on, you have to commit to it.  If you let it get this far, there is no turning back because if you take the hat off you will have hat hair.  Sweaty, matted, hat hair.  And probably what you should do at that point is just get out of bed earlier and take a shower.

Well, that got me thinking about Beardo.  Have you seen the ad for this? 

It keeps showing up on my Facebook--like I am in Beardo's target demographic or something.  This is a product for people without beards, and I guess that is me, but how does Facebook know I don't have a beard?  It's creepy.

One time I typed the words Mountain Dew into a status update and in the next instant there was a Mountain Dew ad on my facebook trying to get me to purchase the Mountain Dew I had already purchased, drinked, and updated 535 of my closest friends about. 

So, what did I type into Facebook that makes this Beardo ad come up?

And well, in case the Beardo picture didn't make you laugh, here is Beardo looking inscrutable (which, if you were wondering and I know you were, saying someone has an inscrutable look is just another way of saying you are too lazy to describe the look, and what do you expect from me? I can't even be bothered to shower, remember?).

And here is smoldering Beardo.  I'm thinking Beardo is going to run this for a Valentine's ad.

Until next time, friends. Keep your faces warm.