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Welcome to the New Author Blog Hop!  Thanks for taking the time to stop by.
In case you missed my name in large letters at the top, I am Misty Moncur.  I am a new author and so excited to be on this special blog hop.

My first book, Daughter of Helaman, is based on the Book of Mormon story of the stripling warriors.  The story is about a girl who wants to join the army and spends all her spare time training for it.  She even convinces one of the more attractive young warriors to train her.  Below, you will find a book blurb and a short excerpt.  When you're done reading, link back over to Word Diaries for more great giveaways.

OH Yeah! The giveaway.  I almost forgot.

Today you can enter to win two pieces of Daughter of Helaman inspired selections of jewelry from Paparrazi.  And I suppose I could throw in a signed copy of the book.  All you need to do is become a blog follower (on the sidebar) and leave your email address in the comments.  Good luck to all!

From back cover:

She should be thinking of housework and being a wife.  Instead Keturah is thinking of swords and being a warrior.  Ignoring the worries of her family and her nearly betrothed, Keturah begins secretly training with one of the new soldiers to prove herself worthy of Helaman's army.  But when the two men meet up, sparks fly, and Keturah must figure out not only her place in society, but also her heart's desire.

Misty Moncur skillfuly transports readers to Nephite times, where Lamanites roam the forest and fighting for your family and freedom is the dream of every boy--and one girl.  You'll cheer as the sassy Keturah proves herself, both on and off the battlefield, as a girl with a warrior's heart.


I took my sword from his hand and turned to walk away.  I was proud of myself.  I was really getting the hang of controlling my temper and biting my tongue.

"Keturah," he said and reached out for me possessively.  He grabbed for my arm, and I had him pinned to the ground by the count of four.

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Daughter of Helaman sounds exciting. I'd love to read.
K.C. Neal said…
Sounds like a great heroine and great read! Adding to my TBR!
Lolawid said…
Yay! Thanks!

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marybelle said…
"Daughter of Helaman" looks amazing & the jewellery is beautiful. A wonderful giveaway thank you.

GFC: Mary Preston

Sounds like a really great story. I like girls who can take on the big boy!
Tami Brothers said…
This does sound like a great story!

Can't wait to read it.


tamibrothers at yahoo dot com
Persephone said…
It sounds like a great story that is going to challenge the concept of a woman's place in society. Love the jewelry as well.

wingedpersephone at gmail dot com
Reading mind said…
Hello new and interesting author! I loved this hop, I got to know lots of new books! Yay! Finger crossed for the prize, if it's international.

GFC reading mind

aliasgirl at libero dot it
jacque said…
wow an author and designer!
thx for the chance to read your baby!
twinmomx5 atgmail dot com

gfc jacque stengel
AshleyS said…
Sounds like a great book would love to read it :)
following on gfc :)
geschumann said…
GFC - Gloria
The story sounds interesting. Thanks for the giveaway!

geschumann at live dot com
Diana said…
I've had my eye on your book for a while now. It looks fantastic. Thanks for this chance to win a copy along with matching jewelry! I love combos like this!
Patricia Lynne said…
Sounds like an interesting story. That is a beautiful cover too.
Dinda_SI said…
Thanks for the giveaway !!!
I'm a GFC follower.

Stephanie Black said…
Congrats on your new book! I'm already a GFC follower.
K. M. Walton said…
Finally stopping by from the New Author Blog Hop. Congratulations on your book.
Beth said…
What a cool giveaway! Please enter me if it is still going on. :)

I became a follower (I "discovered" you and your novel on the blog Legacy of a Writer).

Thanks so much!
Laura H. said…
LOVE this cover but love the premise even more! I already follow via GFC (MamaHendo3).

The book sounds great. All the prizes are awesome. Congrats on your book release!

annierayburn at yahoo dot com