A gift from my cats today:

A sicky mouse! 

Paralyzed with something akin to fear, I was unable to remove the dead rodent from my house.  Finally, after witnessing me trying to approach the mouse and sadly just whining pathetically in the corner for ten minutes (which he actually timed and pointed out to me later), Zach, my brave 8 year old, gave me specific instructions.

"Okay, Mom, lay the box on its side close to the rat." (My kids call all rodents rats.)  I managed to do it.  "Now push it into the box."


Sighing, he took the broom from me and got the mouse into the box.

"Now pick it up and take it outside."

"Eeeeeeee!"  But I did it.

SICK!  Sick sick sick sick sick! *shudders*

I tried to find a picture of a mouse to illustrate my story, but I gagged when I googled "dead mouse" so I decided a nice picture of cute Stuart Little juggling marshmellows would do much better.  Agree?


Claire Robyns said…
Well done to your brave 8 yr old for keeping calm in the storm of panic :)
Our cat once brought me a scorpion as a present (when we were living in South Africa). Twice!
Heather said…
Creepy! I hate, hate, HATE mice! Twice now I have found half-dead ones in my house. They had gotten into the mouse poison I guess and it slowed them way down. They were both on my stairs and both when James wasn't home. Were they dead I (maybe) could have picked them up with a shovel (with a really LONG handle!) and taken them outside. I had no idea what to do with half-dead ones crawling around my floor.

I'm glad Zach is such a good kid! Way to go Zach!
Heather said…
I LOVE your new blog, by the way! So pretty!