You are One Click Away from the best advice I ever received

Welcome to my blog! You are now only one click away from reading about the best advice I ever received. Click on over to Julie Bellon's blog to find out what it was.  Come back tomorrow and I'll tell you who gave it to me.

Julie's Blog


Also, Six Mixed Reviews, a book review blog I contribute to, is doing a blog hop this weekend.  A blog hop is where a whole bunch of blogs link together and offer prizes.  All you have to do is click around, check out their blogs, and enter to win!


Steve Farrell said…

Just read your book in one day! Couldn't put it down! When can we expect a sequel?


I am a mother of 7 and grandma of six and one in the oven. I thought this would be a so-so book for teenage girls. NOT SO! WOW !!!!!
Jeanette said…

That's not my id, that's my hubby.