Texting: i luv u

Okay, so I'm three days late.  The Back to the Books Giveaway ended.  Thanks so much to everyone who entered!  The winner  has been notified via email. 

It's Saturday night and I'm thinking about putting together a lesson for my new church calling tomorrow.  Yes, that's right, they have put me in the most unsuited (for me) calling: teaching 8 year olds. Have you ever wondered just what they were thinking?  That is what I'm wondering right now, because, ahem, confession, I sort of hate 8 year olds.  I even hated being 8 years old because I knew I was a nuisance.

But I will try to get over it because that is what grown ups do.

I have an 8 year old, and yes, he is my class, and yes, what I have heard is true: every answer he gives in class contains the word fart, farting, or farted.  And while this, ahem, confession, brings a twinge of a smile to my lips (The kid can conjugate verbs! Wahoo! Proud mama over here), there is something about him that really makes me smile, and I mean the full-blown kind of smile.

Text messages.  The kid loves to text message me, and he says the sweetest things:

Dear mom when can we get a dog? Love zach

Dear mom guess what, I am learning to use my phone! from zach

Zach: Hey mom do you want to play frisbee when we get to grandmas?
Me: Um no i want to sit on my butt sorry maybe jake will be there
Zach: Very funny mom from zach

Dear mom please leave a message beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep from zachary 

Dear mom is it ok if I go to Mick's house? From zach

Dear mom I hope you have a good day From zach

Zach: Dear parents I am sorry that I have been a punken pie hair cutted freak, a stupid head, and a jerk From zach
Me: Dear Zach I know you are a great kid and not any of those things you said. Everyone feels bad sometimes, I luv u
Zach: I know, it's just that I was a jerk because I guess I felt bad From Zach

Dear mom I love you from zach

Me: You do not need to type from zach anymore because it shows me your picture
Zach: ok thanks!

Dear mom can we go to Wendy's to eat? from zach

Sends me a video message:
Dear mom what is it? Is it a dancing monkey?

Sends simultaneous messages to multiple recipients, me and Dave:
Dear parents what will we do for family home evening? from zach

Dear mom thanks for taking us to Wendy's from zach and kam

Dear mom when do you think we can go to the pool? from zachary

Dear mom can we get a hermit crab today? from zach

Dear parents I am excited about school. from zach

Dear mom when can I get my money? from zach

Dear mom I made it to luke's. From zach

Dear mom when can I get a beagle? From zach PS I like pie.

For all his nuisancy behavior, I'm so enamored with this kid.  PS I like pie? Ha!

What are your kids text messaging to you?


Michele said…
Have you heard of Walter the Farting Dog books? They worked wonders for our 6 year old class. I bet they would be even better for the 8 year olds!
Good luck
Mindy Holt said…
I just got released from teaching the 7/8 year olds. I cried for two days. I loved my class. You will learn to love it too, I hope. Those texts were great!
Deniz Bevan said…
That is so sweet! And a good idea you had to type up some of the best ones, to save 'em.
Nice to meet you, fellow campaigner!
Heather said…
Or the Sir Fartsalot book. (Sir Fartsalot Hunts the Booger!) That one is kind of funny (and probably more funny if you are an 8 year old boy!) (http://www.sirfartsalot.com/) Hmmm...maybe I'll review that one this week...!
Roseanne's Spot said…
Misty: You won the Liebster Award!! To see the rules, you can visit my blog at RoseannesSpot.blogspot.com Enjoy!

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