The Interrogation of Mandi Slack

Alright, it's not formal and it's not systematic, but I think interrogation goes much better with the theme of the book I'm featuring today than boring old interview. (Writers are funny like that--about word choice I mean.)

But before we jump into the interrogation, I have to tell you I have had such a fun time meeting and making acquaintance with other authors lately, particularly the local Utah ones.  Really, what an incredible group of people!  And today I have the opportunity to introduce to you one of these incredible people.  Mandi Slack is a new author like me, and she is so energetic about promoting and making things happen for her LDS suspense novel, The Alias.  LDS suspense?  I know! 

So, I'll shut my yap now and let you meet Mandi.

Mandi, if that is indeed your real name, tell me about yourself.

I’m a mom of three great kids. I have two boys, ages 6 and 5 and a little girl, who is 2. I’ve been married for 11 years and we love living in Utah. I grew up in Emery County and I feel very blessed for the memories I have. I love the desert and mountains, and I’ve been interested in everything from archeology to paleontology…and I could go on and on. Really, I just love the outdoors. One of my favorite hobbies is collecting and searching for fossils in the desert and surrounding areas. I also grew up frequenting museums and accompanying my parents on archeological digs in the San Rafael, and I love to incorporate my hobbies and interests into my writing. I love spending time with my husband and children and we spend most weekends rock hounding or exploring new places as a family.

A rockhound, huh?  A likely story.  I see that you recognize this book. Tell me then, Ms. Slack, about this book you've allegedly written.

Jacey Grayson is a recently divorced mother who learns some disturbing news about her ex-husband, John. Frightened, she and her son Blaze flee to Utah to hide among rural Mormons.

Hmmm...I have to admit, I didn't expect this from you.  Are there any others who can corroborate your story?  What I mean is, who are your favorite authors and how have they influenced your writing?

I have several favorites, but the two authors who have influenced my writing the most, are Dorothy Keddington and Jennie Hansen. I discovered their novels when I was a young woman. While wandering aimlessly through my local library one afternoon, I happened to stumble across Return to Red Castle and Run Away Home. I checked both books out and I read into the night and throughout the next day. I couldn’t put either book down. It was at that point I knew what I wanted to write. I loved suspense.

Right.  And I suppose you also recognize the content of this video.

I think I'm beginnig to see a pattern here.  Okay, tell me then if you will,  just what is your favorite part of being an author?

My favorite thing about writing is being able to create my own adventure. I was a tom-boy and as a child and I craved adventure. I explored exotic countries and conquered high mountain peaks all from the comfort of my own back yard. I had a very vivid imagination and that love of creativity followed me into adulthood. I have so much fun when I am able to sit down and pound out the ideas floating around in my head, and I enjoy writing the type of stories that I love to read.

I believe you.  I do.  I was a bit of a tomboy myself.  But I'm afraid we will need to bring you in for more questioning.  Do you have another book in the works, something we could discuss at length in the future?

I have three manuscripts that are nearly complete. I am currently in the process of editing a crime thriller that takes place in Seattle, Washington. Tarrin Grace has just come through a very difficult divorce, and just when things are beginning to look up, her young daughter, Lexie, is witness to a heinous murder. Suffering from a form of post-traumatic stress disorder, Lexie is unable to recall details of the crime or the murderer. However, the killer remembers her, and Tarrin must risk all she has to protect her family.

I see that a lot in my line of work.  Such a shame.  Well, then you're free to go.  Just be advised, Ms. Slack, that I've got my eye on you.

For more information about Mandi, you can view our file on her at Mudrock and Pink Nail Polish.  You can also catch Mandi on Facebook. (If I don't catch her first.)
The Alias is available for purchase at Deseret Book an Amazon.  Kindle edition is currently just $3.99!


Heather said…
What an awesome interview.! You crack me up Misty. Can't wait to read The Alias!
Elsie said…
Fun interview! Sounds like a good book. Thanks for sharing.
Maggie said…
Fun interview and her cover turned out beautiful.