I will direct your attention

Probably you read about this yesterday on facebook or somewhere else, but I just wanted to take another chance to direct your attention to the interview I did with Mandi Slack on her blog, so cutely httped "heyyouslackers."  Ha! I love that.  You can link there below.  Also, I will be posting the interview I did with Mandi here tomorrow, so come back and read all about her and her new book, The Alias.  I have not read The Alias yet, but I'm dying to.  I've read great things about Mandi's straighforward and descriptive writing style.

Mudrock and Pink Nail Polish: a random blog about nothing in particular

In the next few weeks I'll be reviewing Chris Hall's Conversations with a Moonflower and doing an interview with the author of Seers, Heather Frost. Check the "Goings-on" tab for more info.  (Actually, I think that's about all the info there is...so no need to bother clicking it.)