A Pseudo Melancholy Day

You've heard of "tortured writers."  (These are slightly more popular than your average "starving writers").  Everybody knows you have to be really disturbed to produce good copy.  I mean, you have to be depressed out your mind, borderline crazy, to get anything good down on paper.  If you don't believe me, do a google search for images of "tortured writers."  Why, I ask you, why would there be so many pictures of this if it did not exist? Here are some of my favorites:

I used to be like this.  I achieved what I term "actual melancholy" with some handy little techniques called "sleep deprivation" and "excessive guilt" and "over-achieving."

I'm not like this anymore.  Being sad all the time was kind of a pain, and as it turned out, I got more "staring at the wall time" in than actual productive "writing time."  And come to find out, I actually prefer being happy.

But happy people can't write, right?  So to bridge this gaping gap, we have "break up songs."  And nobody does a break up song like "Taylor Swift."  (Ha! I put her name in "quotations.")  I haven't broken up with anyone in over ten years, so I kind of forget what it feels like to be totally rejected in every way, demoralized, broken, crushed, spurned, "unlove-ed."  So how am I supposed to create and/or simulate feelings of "unfathomable sadness" in my novels if I can't really remember them?

That's right, you're very smart: listen to endless streams of break up songs.  There are SO many break up songs, but the entire selection I have selected for you today (which consists of only a few) comes from "Taylor Swift."  Thanks, Taylor, you're an inspiration to us all.  I was listening to "Dear John" last night, which you will find to the right on the pink music player, and I was thinking that it was much too pretty of a song for a break up like the one described.  Same with "Last Kiss."  I think most break ups call for a song more like "Picture to Burn."  Which kind do you prefer?
Alright, take it away, "Taylor." 
I hope you all have a pseudo melancholy day!


Annie said…
I think the best break up songs are by Weird Al, although they probably wouldn't work for what you need them for because they'd also make you laugh.

There are some great ones, though.
Annie said…
Of course, you probably realize that Annie didn't say that. She has no appreciation for fine comedic music. That was Dan. So is this, I guess.