My dark-eyed, brooding hero has morphed into a sappy, romantic schlub

He is saying things like "sit tight," and asking questions with obvious answers.  Ahem --> Lamech watched me for a while and then asked, "What are you doing?"

He is agreeable and, ugh, smiling.  Smiling! 

Wha?  When did I lose control of him?

He stopped heaving deep, exasperated sighs and rolling his eyes.  He stopped folding his arms and looking inscrutable.

What a bummer. I was really starting to both hate him and love the way he just couldn't keep himself away from the pretty girl with the vacuous stare and a very wicked skill with a needle.  (And when I say wicked, I mean kick-awesome).

Well, on to the next novel where my hero can be as stubborn as I want.  Goodbye you jerk, Lamech. It was fun while it lasted.  Hope you're happy with your smiles, and your "aw shuckses" and your good manners.  You stink.

(And just to clarify, this is not to imply that this novel has been completed; only the hero is done for).


Heather said…
Sounds lovely! :) I think I like the nicer Lamech, although he probably isn't as much fun to write about! I wouldn't mind proofreading the next bit...when you are rush or anything...really...:) Love ya!