Happy 35

I have this really funny joke where I forget Dave’s birthday every year. The humor might be kind of relative, but believe me, it’s funny. And if you want a gauge on what I think is funny, try this on: the name of the font I used to type this post about Dave is “David,” and I think that’s about a 7 on the funny scale (1-10).

So anyway, I think Dave’s birthday is sometime in July. I’m posting this HaPpY BiRthDaY today so I won’t run the risk of forgetting to wish it his way. I’m clever like that.

Dave was born thirty-five years ago just in time for lunch, and he’s never missed one since. At least, that’s what Dave’s dad used to say. This reminds me of my 8th grade History teacher, Mr. Taylor, who used to say, “Call me anything but late for dinner,” which has little to do with Dave’s birthday, except that Dave was a 10 pounder, and he probably looked like a baby who had never missed a lunch and was never late to dinner.

When asked what her favorite thing about her dad was, Kammi, age 6, said, “He’s smart and I love him, and he always plays tickle fights with me. Well, not always, but sometimes.”

Zach was not available for comment, but the puppet Zach which I have on my hand said (in a falsetto voice), “I like Dad because he plays catch with me and stuff and buys me donuts.”

Know what I like about Dave? Here’s the short list:

He’s a fantastic person.
He’s kind to small children and the elderly.
He’s a good enough cook that I don’t care that he’s lousy at cleanup.
He always takes out the trash at my mom and dad’s house.
He likes to help people.
If Dave borrows your stuff, he will usually return it in good condition.
Periodically, he makes an effort to read a little more of my book.
He learns from his mistakes, like that one time we took the kids hiking with no water.
Dave makes his side of the bed when he gets out of it, and he sleeps on the far side even though he’d rather sleep on the side closest to the bathroom.
I said I wanted a fridge full of soda in the bedroom, and he put one in there.
He gets up and goes to work every day.
He thinks purple and blue are the same color.
He gets up early on Saturday and makes everyone breakfast, and then he eats it by himself because he’s too nice to wake us up.

So, what’s your favorite thing about Dave? I think you have about a month to comment. Not really sure when his birthday is…


Lisa said…
My favorite thing about Dave is that he's funny when he tries to be funny! I mean, anyone can be funny without knowing it, but how many people actually try and succeed? Most people say something and you hear the crickets, but not Dave. He makes me laugh!
Laurie Jackson said…
Happy Birthday Dave! My favorite thing is the lunch reports on facebook! Just kidding, he's always very positive and encouraging! You have a great husband there Misty!
James said…
My Favorite thing about Dave is his ability to see the bright side in everything. He is the kind of guy that would chop off his foot with the lawn mower and say "I guess I'll get a good deal on shoes now and I only have to tie one!"

Dave is always funny, cheerful, and he is a pleasure to be around.

thanks Dave!
Heather said…
I love how good Dave is to my sister and my niece and nephew. I love how kind he is to my girls and how he is the first one up when the kids need someone to play with or roughhouse with. I admire his humility and ability to make people feel comfortable around him. James has told me many times that what-you-see-is-what-you-get with Dave - that he doesn't pretend to be someone he is not and is happy to be who he is. Dave is an awesome brother-in-law and I can't imagine our family without him!
Dave said…
Great I'm frinkin' Mr. Rodgers and I drive around in a busted up icecream van luring innocent children into buying day old ice cram bars from me. I think the exception would be the music, it would probably be AC/DC.
Kristin Sokol said…
I don't think kids would come if you played AC/DC. Just saying.

My favorite thing is how you are obsessed with the Chevy Baretta. I hope you still are, it's very endearing.

I hope you had a great birthday. You really are one of the world's best people. I basically love everything about you.

Also, I love everything you write. You could be published you know. Just writing weird bits of stuff like you do. I laugh out loud at everything you write. So does Steve, you're very funny and whitty when you write and when you talk too, but talking is just so...fleeting.

Also I love drinking fountain drinks with you guys and riding around in your car listening to country radio. We should do that more often.
Elizabeth said…

My favorite part of the Fourth of July is the anticipation of the day at the stores!! Is that weird? :)

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