Just call me Craftykins

It's not a big fat secret that I like books.  One of my favorite things about 8th grade English, and no, it wasn't reading Julius Caesar, was this activity the witch, I mean Miss Kimble, made us do: making books.  I still have the one I made in her class.  AnYwaY, I liked it so much that I made my Activity Days girls do it too.

This is the one I made up as an example for them.  It's no big fat secret that Kammi likes books too, so of course she absconded with it and wrote a cute little story in it.

Well, she decided she wanted more of them, so I let her pick out some fabric at the store for her covers.  I have no idea where this child gets her taste in fabric and clothes, but it is not from me.  Cheetah?  Really, child?  But it turned out super cute.

Here you can see the pages inside that I've sewn together.

Here you can see Kammi's story.  This one sounds a lot like Tangled.

Not only did she choose cheetah print, but she thought the zebra looked pretty classy too.

So cute, right?

My favorite is the pink and orange one.  But despite our differing tastes, they all turned out so stinking adorable.  Kammi wrote a cute thank you book inside for her teacher.  LOVE this project!


Lisa said…
Those are so cute Misty! How come you're so good at everything?
Annie said…
nice job craftykins! they are adorable!
Dave said…
I like your new blog, it's a lot like new coke, I didn't like old coke very much. Great job on the crafts but when can we put the kitchen back together?
Elicia said…
Those are too cute! I still need to finish mine...maybe now that I'm done with all the cookies :) Thanks for showing me how to do it! The girls loved the activity too!
Kari said…
I had Miss Kimball in 8th grade too but I don't remember doing this. Hmmmmm.

They turned out great! I'd love more details on how you made them.