Blogophobia: Scared Of My Blog

Yeah, scared.  I don't know why.  At first I thought I was just getting uninterested.  And then I thought it was really more a matter of getting lazy.  But then I talked myself into being too busy to keep up an interesting dialogue with, let's face it, my computer.

But now I know it is fear.

I've got a bad case of the what if I can'ts and how can I possiblies and I used to be more funny than thisses.

So I tried to think of the blog posts I've read that were the most interesting to me--the ones I remember months, even years, later.  Maybe I could, I don't know, emulate them or something.  So for now, read these, and for later, I shall type something brilliant.

You know what it is that freaks me out?  All the information that batters me from every direction every time I open up the world with the e on it--no wait, it's the e with the saturn rings around it.  Seriously, it can't just be about a simple blog post anymore.  It's got to link to face book and twitter and about a million other online...places.  It's annoying is what it is.  And freaking me out.  Like blogophobia.


Kari said…
Have to say, I can understand this feeling all too well. Sometimes blogging comes as easily as breathing but most of the time I write and think and overthink and delete and rewrite because I feel intimidated.

Keep it up! Love reading your posts.