This is not a craft blog

Nevertheless, I have made a craft and will commence blogging about it. As you can see from the picture below, it is the most adorable thing ever. Originally, I wanted to make a bag for my scriptures, which I have done in pink and it looks very similar to this. But then I got the idea to do a book cover for Kammi's little Book of Mormon so she can carry it to church like a little purse, which she loves to do. In fact, you will notice that the cover does not have it's pretty ribbon handles on it yet, and that is because I have not yet purchased the ribbon. "In all that crap downstairs, you don't have any ribbon?" asks Dave. "Not the kind I want," I say, adding the "sheesh, men," silently. Here as you can see, I have the inside pocket pinned in to the outside cover. I read a great online tutorial on how to stitch it in.
I did iron out that crease. I was a little nervous that the hardcover book wouldn't fit inside the pocket because it didn't in any of my trials with the pins, so I moved the pocket closer to the center so it would fit a softcover BOM. But as it turned out, the hardcover did fit. Now it is just a little short, but it keeps the book in nice and snug and the crochet stretches around the book nicely anyway.

Here's a shot of it mostly complete, only sans ribbons as I mentioned above. It turned out so cute I can't stand it. I'm thinking of pulling out the pink bag and just making it into a cover like this instead. What do you think?

I also found instructions online to make the flower, but I didn't like them so I kind of made it up between the instructions and the pattern of one of Kammi's hair bows. I sewed this flower on, but it would work well with a clipped on flower that was interchangeable, too.
This project was very inexpensive and fun to make. The yarn was about $1.50, I purchased the fabric in a fat quarter for about $1.00 though if I sewed a lot I'd have had it lying around, and the button came in a pack of three for about $1.00.
So seriously, like the cutest thing, right?


Heather said…
Oh. My. Gosh. That is the cutest thing EVER! So very, very cute!
Annie said…
you should indeed start a craft blog. you have just been keeping the crafty talent far too hidden from the world!
Paulette said…
So Misty We wanted to make something like that for the kids in Kammi's Class do you want to rack up your service hours? I love it!!!
Elicia said…
LOVE IT! Turned out amazingly cute!!!!!!! Yay!