Daughter of Helaman

I still think if we talk about this book we will jinx it all, like maybe the publishing company will burn down or the entire shipment of books will slide off the boat from China into the ocean. And we can't read books that are burnt to cinders and we can't read books that are soggy, either, right?

But, I have had a few requests for a synopsis and "just what is this book about?" So here's me, people pleasing. Here is a quick overview:

"Nearly a thousand boys are camped in the training ground in Melek, and more arrive each day with their swords strapped to their backs. Some are bold, others are anxious--but all are curious. Is it true, they wonder, that young boys are really forming a militia to assist the Nephite armies?

Keturah hides her secret desire to fight in the stripling army as she watches the boys from the trees. But she believes that if God can protect a boy, He can protect a girl too and persuades Gideon, a handsome and dark-eyed warrior (of course!) to meet her in the woods and teach her to use her weapons. Nearly betrothed to Zeke, she should hardly be spending so much time in the woods with another boy. Nobody will approve, especially not Zeke, but Keturah has to follow her heart.

By the time Captain Helaman takes command of the army, Keturah is armed, she is ready, and she is done watching from the trees.

Adventurous and romantic, the story of the pretty Ammonite girl who felt compelled to fight for the Nephite homeland, learned to follow the Spirit and fell in love while doing it, is both faith inspiring and unforgettable."

Daughter of Helaman is the first book in its series. I have three more novels of the series complete, half of the fourth, and plans for the fifth. Whether or not these ever see a publication date remains to be seen, and will be determined by a lot of factors out of my control.

As far as I know, the release date is set for May 2011 through Bonneville, an imprint of CedarFort. You can apparently pre-order it on Amazon, but don't forget about the dangerous voyage if must make from China before then. You will be able to find it in your bookstore after it is released, and if you can't, just ask them to order it.

Thanks for your interest everyone. It has been the most amazing process getting the book this far and is hopefully the first step in a long journey. And even if it's the final destination...it's not, nevermind.


Amy said…
Wow, Misty! You're amazing and it sounds like an awesome book. I cannot wait to read it. Thank you for finally filling me in on your writing! Seriously, I'm so impressed!!
Kristin Sokol said…
Do I even need to say anything? Prolly not, but I will any way.

First off I love the first book. Like love, it love it. Almost as much as I loved Clint Peterson when I was in 7th grade.

Secondly, I knew you were capable of all this and much more a long time ago, like way before Mr. Jackson's (Dan be quiet)Humanities Class. Like before Dixie Kirkwood gave us our color schemes off her fancy AVON computer machine.

Thirdly, thank you for helping me so much with mine. I hope a was a tiny shred of help or at least support for yours.

Here's to many more. You go GRIL!
Anonymous said…
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