heaven graceful Christmas

Arms raised toward the meaning of
heaven graceful Christmas.
The meaning elbows of
leading the meaning
to the morning or Christmas
from the fingertips through the meaning
to the breastbone of Christmas.

Brave as the meaning
of longing of Christmas for home;
the meaning of wars
and of bomb meaning the lights
of Christmas lighting
the way for the seekers
of Christmas.

The melting of the meaning
on a Christmas pond,
clear meaning cold water melts
Christmas of the meaning
of a trickle of meaning flows
around the hand that
Christmas tries to hold it.

Cannot the meaning of Christmas
Exhilerate you.

Tsk the meaning of the garlands,
the tinsel toys of Christmas.
Are not you merry Christmas,
ashamed of the meaning,
cannot you mean the feeling,
will not you let the Christmas
seekers of meaning seek?

Infant the meaning is
devine Christmas,
meaning heavenly star on earth,
man in God and Christmas He
in meaning of birth.

Merry Christmas all!