It's November. That means it's NaNoWriMo. That means it's 1667 words a day.

Which really isn't very different than the writing schedule I've been keeping. The first main difference is that I'll have to do it everyday. The second main difference is that this year I have NaNo buddies!

Yes, Misty, you will have to maintain a schedule. If you fall behind, you will have to catch up.

This would be easy except for the project I'm working on is emotionally wringing me out. It's weird, I know, but my characters are really getting to me. Every time my main character has to say goodbye to one more person, I have to take a few days to grieve and cry a little bit. NOT something I expected. So, if I can get over my emotional hurdles, the sadness, and the desire to never be done with this series because it's been too awesome of an experience, I might actually achieve my word counts.

And yes, Misty, there are others out there like you.

People who have to write and they don't know why. People who feel guilty when they drop everything else to write. People who feel guilty when they don't drop everything else to write. People who have so much to say, and no number of words will ever be enough to say it. No one beautiful, perfect word will ever be perfect enough to convey it. People who other people roll their eyes at and tolerate at best. People who don't need other people--just words.

Now, that wasn't really beautiful, but this is a blog, not literature. And I'm not counting these words; these are freebies. And if you're upset because I said I don't need you, that was kind of a lie. I do need you. Please love me.


Elsie said…
Great post! I wondered how you were doing emotionally with these people - It's your own fault, you know, you have made them so real that we all feel like they are family and close friends - we care what happens to them and love them. Way to be a great writer.
BTW. I was talking to my principal today (who's not LDS) and telling him that you had written a book(s)and he said we need to get you to come and speak at the school. I told him that it was based on a BofM story and he said the only concern is that we don't teach the doctrine of any one church. I also got the impression that he would be okay with my buying copies for the library. We'll see where it all goes. Boy, am I glad to know you. Have a good day.
Misty said…
Okay, because I thought it was just me. They're like totally real people, right? I got through most of the goodbyes now so, whew! Now I can move on.
Speaking would be fun, but what would I talk to little children about? Maybe I could do a workshop or somethig. And yeah, maybe some of your sixth grader girls might like it.