It's been something like ten years since I wrote a blog post (that's a gross exaggeration), but even I can admit I've been a little busy lately writing so much.

Another thing I haven't written while I have been writing so much (nearly 3 full novels in just over 6 months) is a poem for Robert's poetry not-contest. I love when Rob posts these.

Well, anyway, I do have a poem I started a while ago and would have finished if only I could have come up with an ending. I think the main problem is that I forgot what this poem is about. I mean, I forgot what metaphor I was shooting at. So here is what I've got.

I am not even a person

and you are not even the earth and not even
the sky can bring us together.

Didn't we both move weightless in the ether
at the whim and design of the sky--
me with my hands in your soil,
and you with your dirt in my eye?

Wasn't it this way from the first,
I not quite a person and you not quite the earth?

But the moon like a womb holds the dawn.
and the sun melts the light of the day.
I am barely a person, and people may
talk but have barely to say.

And that's where I draw a blank. I tried to come up with something on the conference, but as inspiring as the gospel is, I wasn't very inspired. Is there something wrong with me? No no, don't answer that.

Just want to throw out a thanks to those that read my rough drafts and gave me ideas, most especially to those few geniuses who pointed out that the pronoun for a milk-giving goat must be she. You guys are super smart.


Robert said…
You're welcome on all three accounts. That's an awesome poem! I like the imagery. Conference talks, I've found, are hard to write about. Anyways, congrats on your 3 books!! You've done awesome! :)
Elsie said…
Great work. I've sure talked to alot of people about the books and they are excited to read it. So am I - anymore chapters? bubbliew (reminds me of mt. dew)