Bouquets of sharpened pencils

It's that time of year again: back to school. We had our first day yesterday. Do I have pictures? No. Did I finally turn in all the documents to get Kamrynn registered? Yes. So. Go me.

I am happy to report to you that Zachary's opinion of his class was that it's "awesome" because his teacher, Mr. Hathaway, "likes to color" (probably a lie) and would rather teach "5th grade" so maybe Zach and all his classmates will "get him again" someday. Coming from Zach, this is a lot of information. Last year, I couldn't get one single thing out of him which worried me tremendously since I was already tremendously worried about sending him to a new school since all his friends and half our ward still went to the other elementary (man, can I write the sentences or what?), so thanks Mrs. Mower if you're reading this (and even if you're not) for making last year a great year for Zach. Something great about you and your class really clicked for him and I'm happy to (continue my) report that Zach's a happy, well-adjusted, rule-following 2nd grader. Hooray!

Kammi had her kindergarten assessment today. Mrs. Whateverhernamewas said that Kammi knows all her letters and sounds. Well I should hope so. I haven't been parking her in front of pbs for her health. It's SUPerGrover!

I have to say that I'm particularly glad to have the kids back to school because it's a milestone for us--it marks the end of the summer from hell. Without going into details about a series of unfortunate events which plagued us (but probably only in our own minds) I will just say: You know what? Bring it on. You ain't got nothing we can't handle. UhOw Team Moncur!

Whoa, look at me all optimistic. (optiMistic, that's a cool name)


Kristin Sokol said…
Really this means you kids are up and out. Next stop, Snow College.
Elsie said…
You have the nicest kids! I'm glad that Zach enjoys it - that makes such a difference. I'm sure Kam will do really well as well. I was thinking it was strange that he had a Mr. teacher in 2nd grade but we had Mr. Cowan at our school (who just last year transferred to 6th grade) But, he was a good teacher and the 2nd graders really liked him especially the boys. Anyway, just think how much writing time you will have.