Okay, so it's not humanure. It's horsanure. Dave won't let me get one of those cool humanure toilets. Personally, I think it would awesome! But I probably would have trouble eating any tomatoes we fertilized with it... But anyway, we dusted the entire front yard with a layer's call it compost.

The Cowboy Clock is 98% finished. I am taking suggestions for the ending. Let's see...where did I leave you off? Basically they go to the fair where Sasha is a judge and she almost eats the poison plum preserves, but Sheriff saves her in time. Tada! Oh and it was Erma Jean Dean what made the poison preserves and poisoned Andy.

The Greenhorn is on hold while I work on my new project, which is not a secret, I'm just not telling you about it.

I know that you don't care about that, but suck it up or get off my blog.

So, we finally got Z reading at grade level. He has been very uninterested in doing this. He has been very slow to grasp the importance of learning to read or the practical uses it might have for him. Well, so anyway, this has me thinking about people for whom school does not come naturally. I mean, is the first 18 years of your life basically hell on earth? I have no idea since school came so naturally to me. I was really good at it and other than some sleep deprivation issues, pretty much enjoyed it. What if it was super important for everyone to know how to play board games and you had to spend K-12 grades 8 hours a day learning to play board games. Because that would be like hell on earth for me. I guess I'm just really lucky that all school consists of is regurgitating stuff I read in books and retaining knowledge long enough to pass a test.


Dan said…
I always wonder what it would have been like to have to study for tests and stuff, or even to have to do my "homework" at home instead of during the few minutes at the start of each class when the teacher's trying to get control.

It's just a good thing school wasn't spending all day talking to other people and trying to get to know them and stuff or I would have failed out.

budprope (which sounds a little too much like "buttprobe")
Sandra said…
I know for my husband, school was hell on earth until 4th grade when someone realized that he was really smart and needed a challenge.

School is so much more than just the academia of it though. There's the social aspect and the learning to deal with others. Maybe if you don't excel in one area, you might have better luck in art or something. Hence the invention of the charter/specialty schools. They help those kids that just don't get it in a traditional school. However, it's a good thought. And I'm glad I never had to figure it out since school came easily for me too.