I just got back from volunteering at Zach's school. I go once a week for a couple hours and listen to kids read. At the first of the year there was another "reading mom" but her work schedule changed and now I have to do it alone and it takes me twice as long. In fact, I don't always get all the kids done before lunchtime. This always makes me feel like a failure, even though logically I know it is not my fault. I think there are a lot of things in life like this, things that make me feel like a big fat failure even though I know they are not my fault, like when I open a yogurt and I am not a winner. Not my fault.

Anyway, in other news, the construction going on next door is much quieter and less messy now that the foundation is poured, the ground is graded and the walls are up. And the roof is on; let's not forget the roof. How could we forget the day the roofers came? Anyway, I have hopes that someday soon, the house will be finished, the mud will be gone from the street, the excess vehicles will be driven away, and I will have brand new neighbors that I may or may not like. You don't have to like everyone. That's not a law or anything.

That's actually all I have to say for now. There might be more, but I'll get back with you on that.


Dave said…
Your going to heaven regardless.
Zach always appreciates having you at his school. Besides he knows sometimes his mom will check him out of school and go eat doughnuts at the park. I wish I had a cool mom like you.
Elsie said…
One of my favorite things about volunteering at the school was how it made me feel....lucky! I was so glad that I got to take MY kids home after school and nobody else's. With all you do, I'm glad that you make time to help at the school. You're amazing!
I think it is your fault...For picking the wrong yogert from the cooler at the store. How dare you let your family down like that.