Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My night at work

So, I want to know who is selling "Life Assurance." I saw this a couple times tonight, and instead of looking it up, I am asking you. What the h.e. double is life assurance? Can anyone actually assure your life? Who is selling this? Shame on them. And who is buying it? Okay, I got really curious and googled it. It's AFLAC. The second A in AFLAC stands for Assurance. What?
I also want to know who is shopping at Del Taco after midnight. I mean, I'll admit I've stopped at the Bell for a late night chalupa, but Del Taco? Come on people! That is just sad. I feel bad for you. But, since you're going to be out, could you stop at the Bell and pick me up a chalupa?

Tonight, in lieu of romantic words or meaningful discussion, Dave and I were discussing Kammi's right to be a racist bigot. I mean, she's only five, but I guess she can be racist if she wants to be. Actually, I'm just kidding. We are not raising our beautiful, sweet daughter to be a racist bigot. We are raising her to be a maker (a cook) on Tuesdays and a balleter (a ballet teacher) on Thursdays.


Elsie said...

Your little maker/balleter makes me smile. You just have the sweetest babies (who, btw, are really growing up).

baileyfamily said...

Everytime I read your blog its makes me laugh!

Kristin and Steve said...

Okay...if you have a problem with Del Taco, that's your loss. If you try the classic chicken burrito and hate it, then our friendship is over. But it won't be because you'll love it.

Stephanie Behling said...

I agree with Kristin.