Okay, so this is the lamest blog post ever, EVER, because it's nothing but stolen information. But so what? SO WHAT?

Well, I went to Feminist Mormon Housewives today. Haven't been there in a while. Probably not since the gay marraige issue was discussed. Anyway, I was visiting over there today because there are 30 kids here today (okay, 5) and let's face it, I'm not going to get any writing done. So, I was visiting FMH today and the lastest post over there was begging for votes. And I thought, "I love to vote. I'll click this link and see what all this voting is about and lend my voice." Well, anyway, turns out I was voting on LDS blogs, which was the best, which was the funniest, etc. I'm a pretty good judge of funny (Conan O'Brien=funny, Jay Leno=not funny), so I decided that yes I would vote my say since, well, since because.

So, I found a couple of funny blog posts I thought I would pass along. Links are below.

Classic Mormon Art

Ask the Bishop

And here is the link to vote.

And the kids are too, too, too quiet. Gotta jet.


Dave said…
So quiet that they had time to get into the pantry and eat the last of the peanut butter cookies.

Thanks for voting.
baileyfamily said…
thanks for the laugh!