So, it's been pretty foggy lately. I mean, it's inversion smog in the day, but at night while the rest of you are sleeping, it gets pretty foggy.

Fog is probably my favorite weather phenomenon. I remember when Dave and I were driving to St. George for the Eggleston's wedding we drove through this amazing fog that drifted in and out like billowy cotton balls. It sunk into the valleys next to the interstate so we could view it from above and then swirled across the road. I remember how much I liked that it could be clear as day at home and so foggy down by Conquest on the Jordan River that I couldn't see the building from the parking lot. I remember how much I liked to walk to school in the fog. It was like the rain because it broke up the monotony of the sameness of each schoolday.

Sometimes, now, I'll spend my whole drive home in the fog, but usually, the fog is pretty patchy. There will be miles of poor visability and sudden moments of clarity. And it was the moments of clarity I was thinking about, how I appreciate them so much more when I've been in the fog for a while, how they only last for a few moments, how beautiful they are. And I was thinking that's kind of how life is, how the moments you are granted a true impression of what it's all about only last for a little while. They're rare. They're beautiful. And then you pass through them and move back into the fog, not necessarily because you don't wish to savor the moments of clarity but because that's the way life is, that's where the road leads.

So, boring, but that's just what I've been thinking about.


I like this. I remember those times too. Beautiful posts.
Elsie said…
What a wonderful analogy. I might use it tonight for my depression talk. Love Ya
Robert said…
Thanks for this post. I needed it today :) vershotc