Howdy ho, everybody. Just checking into the blog world to say I have nothing to say. How sad, but also how nice. I mean, no news is good news, right? Sort of. I guess wasted days aren't necessarily good news. But at least no one is sick (yet) and no one is hurt or sad. And that's pretty decent news.

Today, Kammi was telling me that after Zach is seven, he will be eight. And when he is eight, he will be bathtized. ...Yep.

I have almost stopped exercising my eyes, you know, like working them out. I blogged about that a while ago. I didn't stop because it doesn't help, because it does, but because it gets very boring to sit around and stare at stuff. Even though, I have to admit, and I am pretty good at staring at stuff. Call it a gift.

So, I am on the worst work schedule ever. I did it to myself, so I can't really complain, but when has that ever stopped anyone? Ouch! I am perpetually tired and...and I guess that's the only bad part, since I got everything else I wanted out of it: the required number of hours, never having to take the kids to a sitter, being home when they get home from school, being home in the evening to force the homework and reading issue, and I get to see my husband more than once a week. All nice things, I have to say. Too bad I'm too tired to realize what is going on around me.

So, if you're sitting around waiting for the next installment of Greenhorn, you must take into account that I have NO free time to myself, and even if I'm exaggerating that truth a little, any freetime I do have is used to sleep. But who knows, I might pull it off yet (but...the people are screaming "put it back on, put it back on!") Anyway, look for it tomorrow. No, that's my driving day which starts 3 1/2 hours after I get to bed for the night and which has only periodic snatches of time when I am sans kids. Oh man, that sounds like complaint. Oh well. If you're either complaining or not complaining, there's a 50% chance that you are complaining, right?


Heather said…
Yeesh! Sounds like a tough schedule! I'm glad you are able to be with your kids and husband though. I don't know how you do are amazing! We'll take the story any time you can get it to us. (As long as you DO finish it! Gotsta find out what happens!) Love ya!
Well it was nice catching up with you. Sorry you are so sleepy. I remember three hour sleep days from when I had new babies. All I can say is....sorry, that's no way to live. Get off that schedule.

Let's do the taco thing again, when you are awake I mean.