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Just to let you know, my new novel should be up online tomorrow evening. IF you are interested, follow the link to the left. Also, if you've got The Cowboy Clock on a list of blogs that updates, er whatever, you'll need to note that the address of that blog as changed to

Also, I told you I would not be soliciting plot ideas from you, and I'm not, I'm actually learning how to get those on my own, but I am soliciting ideas for the female main character's name. Currently, her name is Becky Jo Bryant because that is what I had named her in The Cowboy Clock. But like Clint, her name is totally not holding up to the character she is becoming. So, I guess you might need to read about her first, but you never know, someone might get lucky with something they inteded as a joke. You crazy jokesters.

So, to change the subject, Zach has been praying that he can get checked out early from school. It's been his deepest desire ever since someone else in his class got checked out and he realized that since he couldn't talk me out of making him go to school in the morning, he might be able to talk me in to checking him out in the afternoon. Yesterday, I went over to school an hour early and checked his happy little self out. He felt so special and important, and it was so easy to do! Sure, he missed a little school, but did you not read the part where I said I make him go every day?

I can understand where he's coming from. Every day I wake up to my life, and I kind of wish someone would check me out, you know? Like come get me and take me away from my duties and just let me play, which for me would be reading or taking a nice snuggly nap, or maybe having a nice taco with friends. Anyone else ever feel that way? Of course you do. It's a pretty natural thing to want to be singled out and made to feel special and different and important.

Last week in Relief Society it was suggested (I think by the Stake President...I don't always pay attention that good since I operate on 3-4 hours of sleep on Saturday night) that in addition to our visiting teaching, we pray to find someone else we can help who is maybe struggling and needing a friend. I like this, because it's more in the spirit of why we visit teach and how we should do it. It's one thing to just visit your sisters because you've been asked to do that once a month, and I'm totally not saying that this is a bad way to do it. Personally, I love when my visiting teachers come on a prearranged day at a prearranged time. It's inspired and when they're here, it's really hard to deny that. It's a totally nother thing to be inspired your own self. So, at first, it sounded like we were being asked to do more. But really, we are just being asked to learn to follow the Spirit better, yes?

So, team, how about we all get out there and find someone to check out? (Just be careful when you tell your husband you checked someone out today).


I love this. Like alot. I may call you up and check you out for a bean burrito this week. Be prepared.

Also, When I was a missionary, some of my companions had this voodoo way of selecting streets that we would go tracted on. Me, I always just assumed we were being led and we didn't need to go through all the voodoo to find people. If you're doing the right things the HG will tell you who needs to be checked out.
How about Katidid, named after her parents favorite insect, because Katidids are such useful bugs eating other bugs. Seriously, the things people will name thier kids these days.
Misty said…
I like it. Thanks.