Fat and Skinny

This is a little bit of a rant, so beware.

Still here? Okay. Here we go.

A couple of weeks ago I bought a pair of jeans for Zach. Zach is a 6 year old boy about the size of a good sized 8 year old. I bought him a size 8 pants. They fit fine. The waist is good. The length is good. The jeans fit.

Today I bought a pair of jeans for Kammi. Kammi is a 5 (barely) year old girl about the size of a regular sized 5 year old. Her size 5 jeans are too tight in the waist and too short for her legs. Her new size 6 jeans are too tight in the waist. So today I tried a size 8 jeans on her and they FIT.

I am going out my mind trying to figure out how these two kids are the "same" size. I am going out my mind trying to figure out how it is okay to tell a little girl she is 3 sizes bigger than she actually is. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PANTS? There is no way in heaven or hell Zach could squish his butt into those girl size 8 pants. So, his whole life he's going to be a nice respectable size, comfortable in his jeans, and Kammi, who is NOT fat, NOT big boned, and is in fact built quite slenderly, will spend her life in pants 3 sizes too big with her (not fat) belly hanging over the top and crying into her (root)beer because she is FAT. Ugh!


Elsie said…
It's not fair - never has been. Maybe you should buy her jeans at Lane Bryant. I can wear a size 4 if I get them there. Go figure.
Dave said…
Lane Bryant?! I was thinking the big and tall store! Shezzz, what a weird thing. But one thing to that is note worthy, she still fits her 18 month shorty shorts until this summer so go figure? She is adorable and sweet just the way I like em.

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