Jane, get me of this thing called...love

So, Kambone lost her tooth. Her frickin' tooth. Her little, baby, 4-year old tooth. I'm practically a grandma! (no offense intended, grandmas). I mean, is it me, or is the world turning faster and faster with no way off (except one....and death. Of course, with death, you still stay on earth, I mean, physically speaking)...(and the other option is of course flying off it because the world speeded up too much....sped up too much)...(where was I?) Wasn't she just a little baby patting her own chest with a chubby hand and saying "Kammin." Now she wears piggy tails and rocks out to songs on the radio.

Normally, I'm all for my kids growing up. I mean, it can't happen fast enough for me. I mean, little kids are great for some things, but they aren't people, right? Fine, they're people. But with Zach and Kam I have to remind myself that they are small. Well, I can see every day that they are small, like you could pick them up and put them in your pocket, but I think of them as adult friends and it confuses me when I have to discipline them, teach them, explain things to them, and treat them like they were little kids. Seriously, if I didn't know Kam was going to hate my guts before she turns 13, I'd think we could be the best of friends. I mean, you better watch out when two Scorpios come walking your way, right? You have no idea what we will do to you. And you won't know it until we are long gone. So, feeling that she is an adult in a tiny body, I get confused when she idolized me instead of hates me. I get the feeling she might be pulling one of those Scorpio bait and switches on me. It's unnerving.

But let's see, I believe we were either talking about flying off the earth due to a change in gravity or my kids growing up. Or the completely accurate signs of the zodiak. Because don't you think it's weird that everyone person I have ever had a long-term relationship (you were right about the word "relationship", Kristin, it is lame) that I was completely comfortable in (have I told you about my Spiderman underwear complex?) all had birthdays within a month of each other? (Except for you, Terrisa.) That's because they are the only sign that can put up with me.

But, maybe that is giving myself too much credit. Or not enough, depending on how you see what I have said, or not said depending on how you see that. Sometimes I think that I talk in metaphor entirely too much, you know, like whatever I say you shouldn't take literally, because I only mean it figuratively. Like people who speak a second language and accidentally slip into their first one without realizing it.

Anyway, to re-cap: tooth-out, world-still spinning, zodiak, metaphor, Spiderman underwear.


Kristin Sokol said…
I know. The weeks are coming faster and faster every week.

About the other stuff. I have always thought you were a genius. Most genius's I know (basically the other Palmers) have some complexities they don't seem to understand. I just think they're over thinking things. Let's go eat a Creamy or a doughnut hole and find some solice singing and playing around the piano.
Dan said…
I have to treat most adults as though they were a child in an adult body, with all the training and teaching and patience and stuff...

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