Health Food

So, yesterday Zach was totally bummed out when I picked him up from school. Usually, he is bummed when I drop him off and pretty okay when I pick him up after he's gotten praise from his teacher and played with his friends all day. Well, anyway, he was bummed when I picked him up.

So, I asked him what was the matter and he started telling me about eating health food. He had this picture bookmark thing that had pictures of bad food (pizza) followed by their more healthy counterpart foods (veggie pizza on whole grain crust--sick!), doughnuts vs doughnuts with no frosting! (bagels).

This is what upset him the most: he got the idea that he would no longer be able to have his doughnuts frosted. His teacher said he should eat healthy, and he took her literally and was HEARTBROKEN at the thought of eating doughnuts without frosting. He thought this lesson on healthy eating was a change in regimen that would be enforced, that there would no longer be any frosted doughnuts in the world. Isn't that cute? I brought him home and gave him some candy.


Sandra said…
My kid would just throw his healthy-eating bookmark at the wall and declare it dumb. Then he would throw a tantrum demanding that he get m & m's to drown his sorrows. After which, he would politely tell me that he'll eat healthy food when he's big like me.

I have gone seriously wrong somewhere. Here's hoping the second one turns out better.
Elsie said…
Just made me laugh out loud. I'm with you Zach! When i think about NEVER being able to eat 'good' (unhealthy) food again it just makes me hungry. Thanks for sharing - I needed that.
I totally remember having these kinds of thoughts as a kid. I took everything very seriously too.
Dave said…
It's a good thing his mother and father re-asured his thoughts on health food buy eating Zinger's and Rocky Road icecream. Not to mention that kick awesome chocolate pie thingy. Way to go parents!

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