Roo roo roo roo rooooo

Anyone remember when Pip would bay? Wasn't it the cutest sound in the world? I would just like to thank mom and dad for letting us have him. He was spoiled, and fat, and hairy, but you have to admit he was obedient, loving, and protective. Remember when he carried that corn stalk all around the back yard? That was hilarious. And remember that trail he put in the grass running from one side of the house to the other to stare at people as they walked by? And remember how he wouldn't bark at anyone because Dad trained him not to? And remember how Dad trained him to do all kinds of tricks? And his best one was whispering? I mean, come on! That's awesome! And remember how he would do anything if you would just give him one of those little doggy bones?

Well, Pip went away to live on a farm. Mom and Dad are still not saying whether or not he actually ran away or know. If he ran away, that's the ultimate in ungrateful, and Pip wasn't really an ungrateful dog. I mean, he was lazy, and he knew where his bread and butter were....or where the gravy train was. But anyway, he is gone, five years hence, and we will miss you old buddy.

We have been lucky to have made some kitten memories at our house. Nobody plans for their teenage cat to get knocked up. We were horrified when we began to suspect. We wanted to kill her creep of a boyfriend. But that involved finding him first, and well, we are a little lazy like Pip, so we didn't bother. So, to make a long story short, Princess had six kittens under the couch in our bedroom. She was polite enough to sit on top of a blanket, so clean up was a breeze.

Anyway, we had Big White, Alex the Lion, Kevin, Carmel, Ballerina, and Jojo. Kelley was able to place three for us and they now have nice homes and are permenanty named George, Molly, and Pink. Dave told the kids they could each keep one, so that leaves us with one. But anyway, she's fine for now and we have made some fun memories with the cats.

I was going to tell you some other cute stuff like how Zach cried when we gave away Alex and how the kittens all curl up on each other to sleep in a big pile of kittens and how cute they are when they try to bite each other's ears and chase each other's tails. But then I remembered I was talking about cats, and if you're still with me here, you are a pretty kind person.

So here's to you, our pets. You were animals, you were hairy and smelly, but we loved you despite yourself and ourselves for a little while. Happy journey.


Dave said…
Pink got renamed Sookie.
Elsie said…
You forgot about when Pip almost swallowed one of the Wardle boys who dared to come into the yard unannounced late one night and how lovingly he tried to protect us from the greedy electric and gas meter readers. He was a good dog - and really we have no idea what happened to him only that one day he was gone and didn't come home.
Misty said…
Oh, Sookie is a sweet name. See, and don't you think Cowboy is a better name for Big White? Yeah, I remember when Pip would try to eat people that didn't belong. :) Good puppy (or stupid animal, whichever way you choose to see it).