Blog sans title

So, I thought I'd post again. I know, you feel lucky. I don't know what we're posting about (and when I say we, I mean me, myself, and I) just yet but usually by the end of the post it comes to me.

So, let's see. I just got done feeding and cleaning up after the kittens. They are learning to use a litter box (I know, they are astounding) and it is really amazing to see their natural instincts at work. We didn't have to do anything but put the box out. I took their little paws and showed them how to scratch, but I don't really think I needed to. Sometimes, don't you feel like you need to do something to help, to be constructive, to be part of the solution? I guess that's how I felt with the cats, since the whole cat business was my idea.

The business of the Cowboy Clock must come to a close, so I am soliciting plot suggestions for the ending. And the climax. You guys did so great with your plot suggestions at first, you remember, when I threatened to blog-disown you if you didn't, that I'm pretty sure you could do it again. I tried to incorporate every single idea into the story. Including the dog that wears a diaper. If your idea didn't get used, let me know and I'll work it in. Some people want Sheriff and Sasha to get together, but a little insider infomation here: I'm leaning against it. What do you think? I suppose we could put it to vote.

The cutest Jehovah's Witnesses came by today. It was a dad and a little kid. The little kid did the door approach and gave me a book about the Bible. And I said, "You know, I've been thinking I need to get back into the Bible more than I do." And I thought, you know, God sends little reminders from everywhere, not just from Mormons. I think we like to think we have the monopoly on being good people and spreading the good word and all, but we don't (the true word maybe...). Sometimes we think we're more special than other people, but we're not. We have the truth and we just sit on it, doing nothing. And when I say we, I mean me, myself, and I.

Pneumonia. I am feeling 96% better. Sometimes I still get winded. But It's weird. I'll hike up the stairs one time and be fine. I'll hike up a completely different time and be gasping for breath at the top. I can breathe in all they way without pain. Or coughing. And sometimes I suddenly get so tired I have to immediately go have a 10 minute nap. After 5 or 10 minutes I am fine. I got the hospital bill (not including the physician's fees of course) and honestly, I'm not sure saving my life was worth that much. That's not fishing for a compliment; that's a commentary on the medical and insurance machines in this country and the morality of selling life.

And speaking of an immediate nap, I bid you adieu.