Yow, green.

So, I'm now realizing it is no longer April, but is May instead. I missed a baby shower, I haven't paid May's bills, and it's all because I am too short to change the page on the calendar. So, Dear Dave, keep an eye on the calendar. Love, Misty.

One deadline that has come and gone with April, when streams were ripe and swelled with rain, is The Cowboy Clock deadline. You may recall (mostly likely you may not recall) that I had given myself a deadline to finish the first draft by the end of April. It was May before I even realized the deadline had passed. That's the thing about me and deadlines; they pass and I let them.

I actually think this is progress. In my youth, there was no way on earth, heaven or hell, flood or high water that I would ever, I mean ever, let a deadline pass without making it. The fact that I'm writing this blog about deadlines might indicate that I'm not completely cured, but I think I've made a lot of progress in fighting the disease, call it a phobia, call it OCD. Whatever we call it, I don't got it no more.

The bad part about this is that I don't get anything done. I don't care about stuff. Any stuff. I go my whole day in a sort of dazed, unmotivated, apathetic stupor. That sounds awful until you look at the fact that I'm not depressed (or does that sound a little like depression?) and I don't worry myself sick, so sick, about things that don't matter. I have found that very, very few things matter.

So, will Sheriff find out who killed Andy? Sure. Probably sooner than later, too.

So, everyone take it easy. I know I will.


Lisa said…
We truly understand each other Misty! That's pretty much how I spend my days too. In fact, Jarom took over paying the bills because I never seemed to get it done.
Mamabloguer said…
But you have the excuse of pregnant brain. How's that coming, by the way?
Dave said…
Misty it is now middle of the month, my check posts in the bank on the 15th and end of the month. We now have X dollars to blow on things like "the cookie-man delivery dude" (Aka Winder Dairy). Money is now avaiable for Direct T.V., phones, food, and gas. I would like to inject some stimulus money for the cat, I want my rifle back with some lead bullets. Perhaps Dan can offer one of his guns for the effort. The cat. Yes, the cat, prego and wandering around my garage waiting to birth kittens that will inevetilly poop on my tool box. Can't wait.

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