No, I am not talking about the farm animals. I am talking about the police, the cops, the Man, the 5-O, the pigs.

So, when you are traveling on the highway and you see a cop hiding out and clocking the oncoming lanes of traffic, do you warn the other drivers? I do, everytime, if I can manage it. See, 'cause I hate dirty cops. You know the ones I'm talking about. I'm talking about the cops who lie in wait just beyond a sign that decreases the speed limit. I'm talking about the cops who stalk their speeding prey at the bottom of a hill. I'm talking about cops who racial profile and stereotype. I'm talking about cops who pull you over for a fabricated reason (you didn't signal when you did, you failed to yield when you didn't, your window tint is too dark when it's not). Don't think this happens? Hey Dave, how many more times did you get pulled over in your Beretta than in my Camry? Like ten? Hmm...interesting. I'm not talking about the tons of good cops, just the dirty ones, the ones with big egos and little...feet.

Just a quick flash of the headlights and everyone knows to check their speed. I certainly appreciate it when someone warns me. It's not that I usually drive around speeding. No, in truth, I'm that annoying person who is always doing exactly the speed limit when you're in a hurry. But sometimes, well, acceleration happens.

So, just a word of thanks to all those considerate people who have warned me of impending Bacon over the years, who have helped to keep Barney off my back.


R + M said…
They certainly live up to their name. I would like to send a "suck it" to all the cops that have ever given me a ticket. And there have been plenty!
Have you ever ridden with Dave? DO you really think it is just the pigs?

I remember a time when there were tears. Rememebr that?

You're right though some of them no have big ego's because of their small feet.
Bob said…
I've tried flashing the brights like that only to get the finger. oh wait that was me giving the finger...never mind