Dear Susan Boyle,

You go.

Love, Misty

PS If you don't know who Susan Boyle is, check her out on YouTube.


Erika W said…
Hey, nice blog background! We geniuses think a lot alike!
Elsie said…
I would have to agree! I watched that video and it was so amazing. What a voice. Reminded me of someone I know : )
Mamments...I love you.

Also I love Susan Boyle. Is there anyone we can set her up with?
Lisa said…
Ahhh...I made it in! See, it was likely just me that was the problem! Anyway, I think it is awesome that she blew everyone away with her amazing voice. I really think it is unfair that people seem to think that because she doesn't look like Brittany Spears or something that she couldn't possibly be any good. I think she is just as beautiful as the majority of NATURAL women her age in this world and she did great! Kudos to Susan!
Lisa said…
Misty, thanks so much for your comment on my blog! I was really bugged about my sis-in-laws comment, but yours really made me feel so much better about things! I really appreciate it!