Boring Blogs

Don't get scared. I am probably not talking about yours. But you know the blogs I am talking about. I am talking about blogs that are about, well, boring things. And, I guess every person has his or her own idea of what is interesting. And I guess it remains to be determined whether or not a blog actually has to be interesting to be valid. And, I guess you can't make a determination on the relative boring/interesting ratio of an entire blog based on one or two posts. But let's look at some examples, shall we?

The first of the boring blogs are sports blogs. This is coming from a person who does not see the need of any sports beyond teaching youngsters coordination, social skills, and sportsmanship. Of course, what's the point in having sportsmanship if there's no point in having sports? But I digress. I googled sports blogs so I could find a good example of this for you, and what I came across instead was a sports blog that was complaining about the worst blogginess of its fellow sports blogger, Jeff Francoeur, whoever the hell that is. The blog: Shysterball- Baseball. Blogging. Whenever. The post: Jeff Francoeur has the worst blog in the history of the planet. Oh, and here's the link to Jeff's blog. Sorry, Jeff, I have nothing against you personally, you even look cute and scruffy in your picture (too bad we can't see your baseball pants), but sadly yes, I did find the same things wrong with your blog as the guys over at Shysterball: the fact that you were selling out and advertising, well, everything.

Which brings me to the next of the boring blogs, which are blogs that promote specific products. I am not talking about having ads up on the side. I am talking about blogs that are set up for the express purpose of blogging about a company's products or a family of similar products for comparision. Yech. Now, again, I googled company blogs to find you an example of a crap company blog. Know what I found? A blog describing the four key elements to putting together a great company blog! Woohoo! Yech. The elements: 1-make it relevent. Instead of focussing on the product you are selling, focus instead on how your customers might use your product. 2-Post a lot. Bombard your "readership" with lots of new information about everything new and exciting in your company. Right. 3-Add a personal touch by responding to each comment individually, using your customers' names. Mmmm, okay. That might work, but I doubt it will change the boringosity of your blog. And 4-Post pictures and bios of the bloggers. Sure. But how embarrassing for the bloggers. Just a note at this point. I am not talking about websites that actually sell products or that have a blog linked for communication rather than merchandising. That's okay.

Now then, another kind of boring blog is blogs about kids. Yes, I post about my kids. No, I don't mind reading about your kids. But having a blog where every post is about your kids? Gets old. Were these people just a big mass of sawdust before they had kids? Will they melt into a purple puddle of anti-freeze when their kids get too old to be cute? I don't want to be defined by my kids. I don't want to be defined by the fact that I have them at all, just like I wouldn't want to be defined by the fact that I didn't have them if I didn't. And even though it is affronting that my mother is not defined by the fact that she had me. I want to be a person of my own merit. So, I guess I just expect that others want this, too, even though it may not be true. Maybe other people were born to raise kids and really will melt away when their kids get pimply and start asking for 40 bucks and the car keys. Boring melting slowly into non-existance. Ouch. If being the mother to my kids and hoarding the cute things they do is seriously all life has to offer me, I'm out. But just to clarify, (not that anyone listens a flying rat's crap to what I say, though) I am not talking about family blogs that post about things which involve their kids. Those are cute. I do it, too.

Blogs that never update. Don't psych us out. Just delete it.

So, that far from covers it, but I'm getting bored. Misty out.


Dan said…
Just to add to your list, the blogs done by the KSL staff are usually pretty dry. They either talk about how they're being forced to come up with something witty by their superiors or they're throwing chum in the water about the latest controversial news story. They never say anything of substance, they just use buzzwords to get people into a commentical fistfight.
Russ said…
Who has time for more blogs? I do well to keep up my own, plus everyone in the family, plus friends blogs. Add in facebook and I just don't have enough time to read sports blogs, or car blogs, or travel blogs. Where do you all find the time to be bored by someone else's blog?
Sandra said…
Ditto to the boring blogs. Also, to add to the list, blogs that chronicle you're entire week...every week. Like anyone cares how many times you went to the park or that you had an OB/GYN appointment. Say something worthwhile or go home. ;)