Eau de Parfum

So, the supervisors at work have asked us to not wear perfume or cologne to work since apparently there is someone in the building who is allergic to it.

I am not allergic to it, however, and feel it violates the freedom on my olfactory senses to take this pleasure away. I'm cool with not wearing perfume. I'm even cooler with not wearing cologne. I can understand that it is a health issue for one or more of my fellow employees. But my nose, she really likes perfume.

My nose's favorite perfume is Sarah Jessica Parker's fragrance, Lovely. I LOVE it. I cannot get enough of it. I saw her on Leno one night promoting it, and that made me notice it when I saw a sample in a magazine. After I had sampled it, I had to have it. There are not many material goods in this world I just have to have. Just a good pair of flip-flops, a cold soda, and a good book. But anyway, Dave bought me some for one of our anniversaries and I was a pretty happy camper until it ran out. That's right, I used the entire bottle, every last drop.

The thing I like about perfume in general is that you can be fat, you can be ugly, you can be mean or selfish or stubborn, unkind to animals, a bad mother, an alcoholic, or have crusty lesions all over your body and people will still like you if you smell good. But likewise, you can be the nicest person in the world and if you smell bad, people have to work much harder to overlook that and like you anyway. You're saying, "No way," but you know I'm right.

So, I'm sitting at work last night and this girl sits down next to me and she is wearing this smells-so-good-you-want-to-drink-it fragrance. I am 105% sure she is wearing Lovely. Well, you can't lean over and say, "Seriously, I love the way you smell. Thanks for wearing that perfume; you made my whole day," but you want to.

And that's it. I know you're expecting more, but that's it. There was just this girl, and she was wearing Lovely, and I really liked it.


Dan said…
You smelled a girl and you liked it?
Misty said…
I know, that's kind of the disturbing part. I was hoping you wouldn't notice. The good news is that it's kind of a man-ish smelling fragrance. Sort of. And the other good news is that she sat by me again tonight.
Russ said…
I know several people he have troubles with fragrances. At Atkinson's there is a guy who can smell popcorn popping, so they aren't allowed to pop popcorn, they can eat it after its cooked but can't cook it at work. So they got a popcorn popper and put it in the fume hood and now they can enjoy as much as they want. I also worked with a lady in the temple who couldn't tolerate perfume, her throat would swell up etc. I think it was a form of asthma. She almost left the church because of it, but realized that if she just asked people they would do what they could. I personally like Chrome Legend though I don't own any. It's like $16 an ounce or something. It smells soooo good though. I guess it's a good thing I don't have any or I would just sit and smell myself all day long.
Robert said…
I'm sorry, I don't think they should have the right to tell you not to wear perfume. that's rediculous. What if that person was allergic to wheat, or nuts, or eggs? "sorry, nobody can bring food anymore". Where do we draw the line? I HATE ugly people. OH, and I HATE people that smell like cigarettes. They shouldn't be allowed to ride the trains. OH, and idiots, and freaks..and...and...so on...so on. divie