So, I'm thinking it might have been funnier if I had called my projects operations instead. You know, like "Operation De-Wii my Monkey," and "Operation Cucumber Number." See?

But then I have to ask myself if being funny is worth all the effort. For myself? Yes, every time. But I certainly couldn't say for anyone else.

And then I have to ask myself not whether it matters if anyone else gets a chuckle here, because obviously it does, but ask myself why it matters.

And then, of course, I have to ask myself if rhyming words with each other is the same thing as being funny. And since I answer myself, no, that it is not, I still have to wonder then, why it is so much more funny and so much more important to say "Operation De-Wii my Monkey."


Lisa said…
Because it is, in fact, freakin' hilarious! In my opinion anyway!
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