So, I'm getting myself a cat. Yesterday I bought him a little house. It's brown with pink flowers. Maybe, if I want to, I'll take a picture and put it on here. Maybe. We are probably going to name the cat Kevin, because we think that's a pretty funny name for a cat. Even though Zach insists that we should see the cat first, and then name him/her "whatever suits it." Kids.

Cats, in my experience, have always been something that just happens to you. You know, like one day there is just this stray cat sitting on your porch and you can't get rid of it so, presto, you have a cat. Well, I've kind of been waiting for a cat to happen to me but so far: nada. So, I decided that probably I could make the cat happen myself. It's a new idea, this picking out your own pet and bringing it home instead of initially rejecting it, then deciding you ought to put out just a little food, reluctantly letting it stay, and eventually learning to tolerate it, never admitting that you love the damn thing.

Also, thanks Ann for this video link. I thought you guys might enjoy this video. Click here.


Elsie said…
You always did love those stray cats. I just read that there will be a pet adoption at Macey's next Saturday from noon to 6(?). Get a mellow one.
Dave said…
I belive that cat used up any and all of it's "lives" in that trip to Salt Lake. It can't be possible, or could it? Funny cat, maybe it just wants to stay?
Sandra said…
You should've told Zach that if you waited to see what he looked like when he was born he would've been named something completely different like Shriveled Old Man. Sometimes it's for the best that you pick the name out first.