So, I once heard that you could improve your eyesight by exercising your eyes. You know, taking off your glasses and exercising your gosh darn eyes by gosh darn making them gosh darn focus on stuff. You know, stuff like common household items, landscapes in the distance, and computer screens. I have probably thought about trying this out every day since I heard it, maybe twenty years. So this week I have started to do it.

Do I believe I will train my eyes to see 20/20, 20/40, or even 20/60? Truthfully, no, I do not believe that. I mean, that would just be ridiculous, substantial proof that we have all been lied to by the optometric-machine, a conspiracy of opthamologists and optometrists that tell us myopia occurs because images are formed in the vitreous of the eye instead of on the retina, you know, all that bunk about the cornea being too steep. But there is that slight chance that western medicine could be wrong, could be all about profit, could be all about bleeding my insurance dry, could be all about salves instead of cures.

So, after a week, you wanna know what is happening? Guess. Okay I'll tell you. I definitely, definitely have moments of clearer vision. Am I changing the shape of my cornea? I am decreasing the length of my eye? I doubt it. How is this possible, I ask myself. How is it possible that at this moment I am sitting an arm's length away from my computer screen and I can see well enough to read what I am typing? This is an astounding accomplishment for my eyes.

Experiment 1: There is a list of cities above the top row of keys on my keyboard at work. Without my glasses, I could not see them. Almost couldn't even tell anything was written in the squares. After a week of practicing focussing on them, I can see them. I can see the lists that sit to my right and left also.

Experiment 2: From the comfort of my easy chair in my loft, I practice focusing 10-20 feet away. At 20 feet, I could see nothing more than blurs of color. Not really even shapes of objects. Last night, after a week of practicing focussing on my Faith, Hope, and Charity decorative blocks, I was able to make out the word, about 2 inches tall, on the one 20 feet away: Charity, it said. Charity? Or is it, I ask you, Clarity?

Before, I couldn't even stand to walk into the other room without my glasses on. Today, it doesn't bother me so much. Maybe I'm just getting used to it. Maybe I'm forgetting what I could and couldn't see. All I know is that for so long I haven't even tried to see on my own because, for the most part, I believed it was scientifically impossible. And now I'm thinking, what if that's just a bunch of hogwash? The articles I've been reading on this subject, the ones written by opthamologists, are really, really defensive. Their outrage that anyone could believe our own eyes have the ability to see is palpable.

Sometimes, I think we take scientific fact, or data really, and form it into what we believe is fact. Take Dr. Atkins, for example. Sure, there's that whole business of burning calories, intake, output, and having a deficit every day. That's a nice way to lose weight. But what if you could bypass it completely by never allowing the calories to do their fat-building conversion thing in the first place by, what? limiting the amount of insulin your body releases? What? No! Throw Dr. Atkins in a tub of water and see if he sinks or floats! It is outrage! How dare he tell the general public how to decrease unwanted fat, feel more energetic, and improve their bloodpressures and cholesterol levels. How dare he take the same scientific data we have and work it into something

All I'm saying is maybe there's a box, and maybe, if we re-learned to focus, we could look, we could see outside the box of western medicine. Maybe we could take a look at what we are really doing, what we are allowing to happen to us, what we are being fed by the media, what we are letting ourselves believe because we are too lazy, too near-sighted to see a different way.

Then, maybe there would be clarity.


Ive alays said, just because someone says it's so, doesn't always mean its so. Goodfo you, take a stand!
Lisa said…
That's really cool! I believe in 'alternative medicine' and it's capabilities. That's great that it's working out for you!
Steve Sokol said…
OK--this is kind of long but. . .

When I lived in Southern California, I knew about several doctors that would teach eye exercises to improve vision. Probably won't fix someone with severe myopia, but could improve eyesight and eliminate the need for some people to wear glasses--especially those who wear reading glasses.

Second, I had Lasik in 1998 and my vision went from a -4.5 correction to basically 20/20. Eight years later, my vision deteriorated to the point where I need glasses (but only minor correction -1). I attribute my deterioration to excessive computer use. If misuse of your eyes can make them worse, then it only makes sense that eye fitness and training can make them better.
Dave said…
I say seize the day.

Unfortunatly Un 'Frow might say something like "Ziest! Clouse! Geist aha! Size this radical!"
Anonymous said…
Unfortunately, if you look at the eye itself you aren't training a muscle like you would your arm or leg. Most of the things that make vision possible are just naturally shaped, the lens the cornea, the retina the iris and pupil etc. These are things that you can't fix by focussing. Over time the lens becomes more inflexible, it's a fact, exercising will of course delay this a little. I guess excessive exercising could push it off all toghether, but fixing a problem... I don't really know. But, on the real side of things you are seeing results (no pun intended). subsc
Misty said…
Sure Russ, give us the Republican opinion. I don't cotton to no Republicans.
Amy said…
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