Yeah, yeah, patience; how long will that take?

Yes, blogospherians, I am back. You may not have missed me, but I missed you. I am crazy about reading about you on your blogs. I love it. I can't get enough of it.

So, yes, yesterday the techie geeks from Beehive Wireless finally made the pilgrimage clear out to, *gasp*, our house. Last week they came and pretended to consider establishing an internet line, but they were apparently just kidding. But, like mom said when she said, "it will all get taken care of," it all got taken care of. So much easier to say when you're not the one waiting.

Lots of stuff to do while waiting. Lots of stuff still to do, since I spent the time playing computer solitaire. I couldn't help myself. I don't even like solitaire; I think all games are basically a waste of time and energy. Board games, card games, video games, cryptograms, you name it, I hate it.

One game I can get down with, though, is Sudoku. Remember when Sudoku took us by storm and you were a little afraid it was the Japanese trying to take over our minds and makes us members of the Borg against our will and against out knowledge? Super game, that.

Now, where was I? Ah yes, Kindergarten. So, I basically have to beg Zach to go to school each day. It is always something. Today it was a matter of his favorite pair of pants being in the wash. Zach is the type of person to fixate on something and use it and abuse it exclusively until it wears out. He gets this from me, so it's kind of hard to hold it against him, as you may note in the documented fact that I have approximately twenty pairs of shoes and wear exactly one pair repeatedly.

Needless to say, we missed the bus, and when I say we, I mean Zach. I mean we only in the sense that I, the other part of the we, had to get dressed and drive him to school necessitating the dragging of Kami out of bed. Not too big a deal, right? Wrong. Kami is a night owl. Correspondingly, Kami is not a morning person. In fact, I would not be hyperbolizing to say that Kami becomes a fanged she-wolf when she wakes up. And also a screaming banshee. Thus my day began. Kami also, apparently, had a problem with her pants which, like Zach's, were, apparently, the wrong ones. And she promplty took them off. Picture me carrying a fanged she-wolf out the garage door in her underwear on a brisk January morning.

Not that she can't be real sweet and funny, too. Why just this afternoon she movie-lined me. I was making her an ice-cream cone and she padded into the kitchen and said, "They were cones!" (That's The Wedding Singer for those of you who didn't know). Also, we call her Kam-bone (because it sounds like hambone, it's funny) which she hates (don't blame her) but she has taken to calling Dave "Dad-bone" and it's a crack up.

Speaking of funny things that kids say, I think I may have stumbled onto, via my prodding questions to get to the bottom of things, the reason I have to beg Zach to go to school:
Me: "So Zach, is your teacher nice to you?"
Zach: "All my teacher ever says is A, aaa aaa aaa, B, buh buh buh. And I already know that! I'm so bored at school!"
Me: "Welcome to public education, baby."


MamaB said…
Welcome back! I missed ya!

I'm sorry Zach is so bored at school. He's a pretty smart kid!

Your fanged she-wolf sounds adorable too! That's quite the mental image. She seems like such a sweetheart!

Good luck with your mornings...I hope they get better!
Dave said…
If it hadn't been for those pesky kids I'da gotten away with it.
Hello again. Thanks for the cute christmas card.
Your she-wolf reminds me a lot of my Jaxon.
I love it. I love your story here. So good. Have you ever considered leaving her home for five minutes whiile you run him to school.

Glad you are back on line. Write more book.