So, we are finally home. There've been a few requests for these, but to those, though I still post pictures, I say "Come and visit; we welcome you."
Here is the Kitchen. One of my prime motivations for choosing this floorplan was that I could get the kitchen sink in the bar. Favorite feature: The sink in the bar. I love it because it faces the bar, the kitchen table (out of view to the left), the backyard through the glass door, and the family room. I can work on dishes while I talk to the kids, while they sit at the bar and eat lunch, etc. I feel like I can still be a part of the famliy while I do the dishes instead of a servent relegated to the kitchen.
Here is the front room. Not a super picture, but whatever. (All these pictures were taken during the initial move in week) Now we have curtains over the window, but still no furniture. We never go in there, so I guess we don't really need it.

Here is the loft at the top of the stairs. This was one of the prime motivations for choosing Fieldstone Homes. All their two story floor plans have this family room/loft upstairs. This is where we do most of our living so it keeps most of the mess upstairs. It is between the kids' rooms and frequently becomes littered with toys, but at least they're not in the downstairs family room!

Here is the Master Bathroom (I totally know you want to see my bathroom). Favorite feature: two vanities. We splurged a little and got the extra vanity. Good decision. Not that we mind sharing, just nice to have our own space. The window was also a splurge, but so worth it. We found a great curtain for it (after this picture of course) that's white with stiched black flowers on it.

Here is the Master Bedroom. This picture was taken from the back corner, probably not even all the way back. Yes, it's enormous. We're having Thanksgiving dinner in it next year (that's a joke, not an invitation). Favorite feature: it's enormous. For a few weeks we had two gigantic boxes of clothes in there waiting to be unpacked, but they weren't even in the way. If they'd have been in our old bedroom (good sized, not small at all), we wouldn't have been able to get around them. I love that there's room for both dressers, my cedar chest, the eliptical, and any other furniture we could actually aquire.

Here is the Master Closet. The kids both have walk in closets, but this one takes the cake. Not having the option of a basement was a little scary for me (having lived in basements for the last 6 out of 8 years, I guess I would be a little scared to be without), so this closet was a real selling point for me. After living here for a month I've realized this: I hate basements. I don't even want one.

Oh, oh, oh, wait. Here is the other half of the closet. We are slowly getting it filled up as we continue to unpack.
So, there's the tour. Just a house, but the first time I've been home since I left for college. Oh sure, home is where my family is, but it's nice to be able to unpack, you know? To go to church and know that I can make friends I won't have to leave so soon. To see my kids make friends with the kids they will have for friends for years to come. Anyway, the spirit is here telling us this is the right home for us and we are SO grateful for it.
But, ask me again after we've made a few house payments.


MamaB said…
Misty, your house is lovely! I need to come out and see it again now that you are a little more settled! The pictures are beautiful, but it's even more beautiful when you are there! I'm happy you have found a place that feels like home!
Gary said…
Hi Misty, You and David have very wonderful home. I am happy that you feel its home also. I can't wait till Heather and I feel better again so that we can come and visit. Hope you have a great day.
Morgans said…
Your house looks cute and so spacious. I would love to have a home that was put together. We are still in construction.
Emily said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bonnie said…
I know this is late, but your house is beautiful! I'm soo jealous! Congrats!

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