Chili's Fine 2009

It all started in 1995. (I think). That would have put us somewhere in highschool, old enough, smart enough, and energetic enough to invent the first ever Chili get-together, Chili Jive '95. We employed our cooking skills to the extent that we had them and dumped a can of Nalley chili into a pot, warmed it through, and thus began the tradition of all traditions. The tradition has continued through high school, college, marriage, and kids.
Chili Jive '95
Chili Fix '96
Chili's Heaven '97
Chili's Great '98
Chili's Fine '99
Chili's Hero '00
Chili's Fun 2001
Chili Brew 2002
Chili Spree 2003
Chili MORE 2004
Chili Jive 2005
and so on, you see?

To be honest, I think we missed a few of those years. That's chili we can never get back.

This year, we were recently reunited with a good friend from Weber State, Adam. So, Adam came down from Logan to the Chili's Fine 2009 and brought his wife and kids. We had eight kids at the Chili's Fine 2009 running around and playing like, seriously, the best of friends. Some things are just in the genes I guess.

This, truly, is the best picture we could come up with from the Fine. Everyone looks pretty good except perhaps me who is making the piggy face, so I thought I'd be the sacrificial lamb and let you all look decent in the picture. I know, I'm so generous.


Dave said…
The chili set well with the Fritos Chili Cheese corn chips, that's how chili should be done. All the kids just ran and played not too much tattle telling or so and so hit me. No buger wiping or name calling, just good fun. The picture taking was the funniest thing, we should do that more often and see really how long that timer goes.
Morgans said…
That sound like it was so much.
How was Adam's little family?
I want to see some pictures of the new house.
Good times, good times. I just love pics of screaming kids. It is totally worth making them do things they don't want to do.
Good Chili too. Great even. Yum. I over did it, but you happens.

Thanks for hosting it. Your new house is beautiful.
Okay, but can we get together with all the Weber State people now? I want to see Adam and his family too;)
Emily said…
That is a great tradition! Yum!
Dave said…
Party at Morgans! We'll provide drinks and dinner rolls, who else is in?